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Theworlddebating - Just debate / International debate forum



Note : active members are appreciated. This website is NEW so create debates and tell everyone.

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             -Do not spam. Your ip adress will be banned.

             -Do not voluntarily ruin the forum by posting pointless messages. Your ip adress will be banned.

             -Do not post violent content that could shock young members (very important).

             -If you see a very inappropriate image or video, report it immediately by clicking on "report" which appears below each post.

             -Write only in english. If you want don't understand english then use the translation system.

     !! is not responsable for the content your posts, and you can face legal proceedings depending on your countriy's legislature. !!


Note : You are free to write whatever you want, but try to respect others. So if you want to say something offensive to a person do it by sending a private message.

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