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  •    For some reason say that jesus never existed and yet there is historical evidence he did

    Im not a religious nut like the Ku Klux Klan but im christian who is open minded


#41 2011-09-07 14:25:52

          Spain    valdo

Re: Did Jesus exist?

quotemark1 The ancient historical record provides examples of writers, philosophers and historians who lived during or not long after the time Jesus is believed to have lived and who testify to the fact that he was a real person. Example :

Cornelius Tacitus

Tacitus lived from A.D. 55 to A.D. 120. He was a Roman historian and has been described as the greatest historian of Rome, noted for his integrity and moral uprightness. His most famous works are the Annals and the Histories. The Annals relate the historical narrative from Augustus' death in A.D.14 to Nero's death in A.D. 68. The Histories begin their narrative after Nero's death and finish with Domitian's death in A.D. 96. In his section describing Nero's decision to blame the fire of Rome on the Christians, Tacitus affirms that the founder of Christianity, a man he calls Chrestus (a common misspelling of Christ, which was Jesus' surname), was executed by Pilate, the procurator of Judea during the reign of the Roman emperor Tiberias. Tacitus was hostile to Christianity because in the same paragraph he describes Christus' or Christ's death, he describes Christianity as a pernicious superstition. It would have therefore been in his interests to declare that Jesus had never existed, but he did not, and perhaps he did not because he could not without betraying the historical record. quotemark2

source :


#42 2011-09-06 16:29:19

          Ireland    irishgenius

Did Jesus exist?

Im not a religious nut like the Ku Klux Klan but im christian who is open minded


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