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#41 2012-07-20 16:19:24

          Canada    SgtPeppers

Re: Are all men Equal?


I both agree and fundamentally disagree with your propositions. First, I agree that people are not equal, we are basically born into 3 distinct classes based mostly on our genetics.
1. The exceptional, people with significant talent or intellect an are usually the ones history remembers
2. The average, the vast majority of people, who lack any particularly noteworthy skill and are not all that unique
3. The leftovers, referring to the people born with significant handicaps and are usually unable to live a normal life, often are a drain on society.

What I disagree with is the racial distinction, which is basically irrelevant. Two factors determine the success of a people, geography and culture, Europe just happened to get lucky in both areas and that led to their success.


#42 2012-07-20 01:23:45

          Russia    NikoLStak

Re: Are all men Equal?

Unable to see the video. I suppose it talk about the fact that Japaneses are intellectually superior?
It's probably true. We are not equal.
First, we are not the same. Japaneses, Whites, Chineses, Slavics, Indigenous, Native Americans, Indians, Arabs etc are all different spicies. And a type of white is more able to fight certain illness, type of natives don't knows fear of height, Germans got different caracteristic than other whites, there is many ethnies of Chineses... The mankind got many spicies that all got certains caracteristics, and one of it must be, and is, superior to the others.

Secondly, to fight rascism, we are teached since our youngest age that we are all equal. This is stupid. Most of the population got nothing special. But many are born superior in a domain. We call them the elites of a society, even if most are simply using what their superior parents won, or tsome elites got more modest ambitions and aren't known.

So, a type of man is superior, but in each type there is ordinary persons and superior persons.

If you ask me, the germans, the whites and japaneses deserve their place in top 5. The whites always has been victorious in wars, the germans and japaneses are the strongest in matter of technological archievment. Ironicaly, USA would never have get the atomic bomb without a known German scientist that escaped from the 3rd Reich. Japan is by far the most advanced country in 2012. Whites once again got supremacy over this world, and this since their existence.

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#43 2012-07-19 23:42:14

          Ireland    irishgenius

Are all men Equal?



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